Fantastic days during VIV Europe
Fantastic days during VIV Europe

Fantastic days during VIV Europe

7 juni 2022

VIV Europe has come to an end and we look back on a fantastic exhibition. The strength through cooperation between VDL Agrotech, VDL Jansen and VDL Insect Systems was powerful and joyful during our first exhibition together. Lots of interest in the VDL Breeder concept; The Matrix male feeding system, Chainovation female chain feeding system and the Premium+ laying nest.


It was also the first exhibition for VDL Insect Systems. They showed the complete automatic feeding system for mealworms and BSF. On Wednesday there was also a lecture given by Geert Poels during the Insects for Feed Conference.


We would like to thank all our visitors and the VIV organization. We hope to meet you and many others at the upcoming events like the Insects to feed the world conference, SPACE, Saudi Agriculture or VIV Asia.

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